Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Motivation

From a recent article on Jenny Barringer:
After dropping Kansas State’s Liliani Mendez and Baylor’s Danielle Bradley just before the 800m mark, Barringer and Kipyego went stride for stride for the second half, with Barringer narrowly outkicking Kipyego to win in an NCAA-record 4:25.91. Barringer also went on to break several of Kipyego’s NCAA and Big 12 records.

“I finally got her in my last race against her, but I’d like to think that I spent three years really working my tail off to get there,” Barringer says. “The first time I ever raced her was my sophomore year in cross country and she beat me by 45 seconds. That’s domination on a whole different level, and I wound up second at NCAAs later that year.

“I like to think I’m a whole different runner now. But I’ll tell you what, getting stomped like that can either put you down or it can really motivate you. I realized the person who was killing me totally deserved it. And my thought was ‘I want to deserve it, too.’”

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