Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mind-Body Running

Mike Sandrock wrote a great article in a fairly recent issue of Running Times regarding meditation and long distance running. I began exploring meditation a few years ago with the great help of the wonderful volunteers at my local Shambhala Center, and it has provided so much benefit for my life and being. A few highlights from the article:
  • [Meditation] takes you to the 'right now,' which is what you want from your running and training.
  • It is not about leaving your body and entering some celestial realm. It is about relating to the here and now which we experience through our five senses.
  • The value of meditation is having a calm state of mind.
  • Having a greater understanding of our motivation and our abilities leads to better training and execution or race-day performance.
  • I am more relaxed and more joyful. When I have this attitude, every run is a new and exciting experience.

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