Saturday, August 15, 2009

From the Land of the Marathon

Over on his excellent blog, Japan Running News (featured in the blog list here), Brett Larner (with the help of Miko Tokairin) recently put up a translation of the blog from Yukiko Akaba, member of Japan's women's marathon team for the World Championships in Berlin. The entire entry is worth reading for insights into the life and training (including many photos) of a top level marathoner who is also a mother and a wife. Some highlights:
  • In Fukagawa there are a lot of road courses with kilometer marks where you can do long runs. I checked out every single one and ran two of them by myself, then picked one for my training, a 33 km single loop course. There are two places with significant hills, but 80% of it is flat without much traffic. I change the starting point when I run something other than just 33 km.
  • There's no easy way to become strong. It's the result of hard work every day.
  • The work of art we started envisioning in our minds six months ago is almost completed as we've planned. From here on out it's the polishing stage. The quality of the polishing determines that of the artwork. Losing faith in what we've done, getting greedy and trying to squeeze in more is the biggest enemy.
A couple more entries from JRN on Yukiko Akaba:

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