Saturday, October 31, 2009

Choose to Win

From yet another superb blog entry by Pete Magill:
When you think you're going to lose, you practice like losers. You shrug off poor training habits. You go through the motions and cross your fingers that the Sports Genie will give you an upset win here and there ... or maybe curse your opponents with poor players (which never happens, because great high school teams are built, not inherited).

And the message is the same for running.

When you accept that you're going to win (whatever "winning" implies for you, whether it's finishing first in a race, setting a PR, or just beating that old bastard down the street who always sprints past your house to show you up), you do the things that it takes to win.

You run the volume you need to build endurance.

You run the right effort level in hard workouts, knowing that the race is the place where you will shine (NOT the workout itself).

You run long hill repeats.

And short hill repeats.

And do technique drills.

You stretch and ice and do exercises after your runs that will keep you injury-free.

You stick to the diet that will get you to your proper race weight.

You have patience, spending the time to train yourself into top fitness instead of racing every weekend to see if you've arrived.

You don't do something stupid, like playing pick-up basketball with race day approaching ... or "training through" the race by running 10 miles the morning before it.

You have confidence that you WILL win.

So you do all the things that are necessary to win.

You don't cross your fingers and hope for a miracle. That's for all the losers who didn't do the correct training and preparation. All you need to do is run a good race, one that reflects your training, and you'll finish far ahead of those losers.
Seems clear enough to me!

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