Sunday, November 15, 2009

Promo No-go

The sport of distance running gets little media attention, so it does not gain fans and popularity, so the media gives it little attention, so it is not exposed to potential new fans, etc. In the video interview/commentary below, Dr. Jack Daniels astutely observes that, unlike in days of yore, distance running is essentially ignored in the ever-increasing competition for eyes and ears in today's media landscape, especially in the sports media. Even in mainstream running media - like Competitor, Runner's World, and Running Times (whose website editorial comment regarding this video read: "We love the good doctor, but the media's role isn't to 'make stars'") - the runners at or near the top of the sport (domestically and internationally) get mere crumbs of coverage and promotion when compared with how the stars of other sports are highlighted and promoted by periodicals covering basketball, baseball, football, etc. It is only niche, shoestring outlets like Flotrack, The Runner's Tribe, The Cassidy Feed, RoadsMillsLaps, Elite Running, and others which really show some genuine passion for promoting running as a true sport, first and foremost. Unfortunately, these outlets have limited exposure, chiefly reaching those who know about them because they are already fans of the sport.

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