Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Coach Joe Newton

This time in interview format:


  1. Drew,

    What do you think of this guy? From what I have read/heard he sounds great, the odd thing is I know a lot of kids who grew up in the Chicago burbs who can't stand him.

  2. I do not know him personally. What I do know is this: everyone who is interested in being a success in this sport (as an athlete or particularly as a coach (for self or others)) should be able to find some takeaway in what anyone who has enjoyed a consistently high level of success (as with Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, Joe Vigil, etc.), like Coach Newton has with his teams, has to say. Letting a personal bias interfere with that would be a mistake, in my estimation. Coach Newton has given a lot of himself to coaching education and that I have to respect, in addition to the achievements of his teams.