Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Importance of Iron Redux

Revisiting a topic I posted an entry about earlier this year, I recently found a source for low cost ferritin testing (among many other inexpensive tests) available across the USA, The last time I tried to get a ferritin level through my HMO just for my annual physical, it was a huge hassle as they would not order the test without a medical diagnosis to prompt it -- they would prefer me to wait until I was actually showing symptoms of anemia and not just seeking a more ideal ferritin level for athletic performance. I wound up getting a ferritin level that one time because the doctor I saw turned out to be a runner, too, and understood my concern. So even if one has health insurance, it might turn out to be much easier to go directly to a lab to get ferritin levels on a regular (quarterly) basis. Check the website for an affiliate near you.

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