Friday, March 18, 2011

Spiraling Shape

While out catching some rays, I read a highly intriguing article in Men's Health on running form. I know what you might be thinking, I was also surprised to find something that could be applicable to performance in the pages of that magazine -- I normally do not read it and only took the opportunity to read it because a free copy was left where I happened to find it. The gist of the article was about Tyson Gay's work with David Weck in getting his arm movement to spiral as he ran. The results from working on this component of performance were evident in Gay's 2010 season. While I am not ready to jump onto the Weck-BOSU bandwagon just yet, reading the article definitely got me to thinking about applications to distance running, which essentially follows a more compact version of sprint form. I was also reminded quite a bit of what I have read in Training With Cerutty regarding Percy Cerutty's ideas on natural, animalistic movement patterns in running. Essentially, curling the fingers in towards the thumb and rotating the thumb outward on the forward arm in its upswing and releasing the fingers out and rotating the thumb inward on the trailing arm in its downswing is the idea to help tension the fascia, help with hip rise, etc. and in the end helps produce greater speed. I recommend reading the entire article, it gives a much fuller explanation as well as ways to train such movement into athletes.

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