Sunday, April 3, 2011


This past Thursday evening, I attended a running form improvement clinic and really learned a lot! I wish everyone who reads this could have attended. There was much about foot position, forward arm/wrist position, chest/head position, tibial alignment, heel lift, knee lift, etc., relating not only to injury prevention but also to performance improvement. A lot to think about and try to better incorporate in my running form. Some very basic takeaway that I can share is to not reach with the lead arm/leg and that lead arm wrist position at foot plant (near center of gravity or far ahead of it) will coincide vertically with lead leg foot plant. Also, keep the arm movement chiefly to the side of the body, in a forward-pointed vertical plane -- crossing the arms across the body (and I have seen runners with high aspirations who have this pattern) pulls at the body in the wrong way and detract from one's ability to perform and can certainly contribute to injury. One wants to have "quiet" head/shoulders/torso so that it is the arms are counteracting the forces generated by moving legs. Additionally, the arms should be short levers moving forward and long levers moving back. Not sure if they would make much sense outside of the context of the clinical presentation, but here is the link to download the slides used by the presenter, Dr. Jeremy Rodgers:

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