Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grist For The Mill

Great thoughts from Kenyon Neuman over on his blog:
I expected to finish higher at Heart and Sole. When I didn’t, I was mad, fired up and ready to train harder. Now, without pulling the reigns the result of these feelings could be negative. I could run myself into a state of great fatigue or I could injure myself. On the other hand, with patience and some intelligent planning that fire can be channeled into some really fantastic efforts. It can also be channeled in other positive ways. When I feel this was I become much more focused on eating right, sleeping enough, getting into the weight room and doing all the self-rehab work I need to stay on top of. It will give me a focus, a drive and a tenacity when I race again. If I had won Heart and Sole, I probably wouldn’t have put my nose to the grindstone with the same dedication and intensity. A disappointing race can push you more than a great race if you respond in the right way. Remember that the next time you’re disappointed with a performance.

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