Monday, February 27, 2012

Kawauchi's Statement

Yuko Kawauchi, Japan's everyman marathon hero (more on him here), fell well short in his bid to run a 2:07 in Tokyo over the weekend, coming home in 2:12:51 for 14th.

Courtesy of Japan Running News:
"If you're not good enough to be internationally competitive then you don't need to go to the Olympics," he said.  "I tried, and it's over.  Selection is based on results, and I do not think I will be picked."  Having followed his own vision and failed, even in defeat the strength of Kawauchi's character and sportsmanship shine through.  
Following the race Kawauchi shaved his head in atonement for his performance.  "I felt that I had to give everyone who supported me a sign of my remorse," he said.  "It's better that my shame be exposed for everyone to see." 
Before the race:

Images c/o Dr. Helmut Winter and

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